• Tree Trimming

  • Tree pruning (or tree trimming) may be required for different reasons, depending on the problem. Sometimes, it may be needed because the tree is obstructing natural light to other plants or even your home. In other situations, certain parts of the tree may be dead and need to be removed. Our tree surgeons will advise you on the best course of action for each situation.

    Our tree surgeons are are highly trained in performing tree pruning, trimming and reductions whilst reducing the probability of structural failure and/or reduce the risk to nearby residents and properties.  

  • How we carry out Tree Pruning

    Before we start any pruning job, our tree surgeons will carry out an assessment of the tree(s) and decide on the best possible course of action. For this, they will take into account many things such as the type of tree, shape, size as well as the condition it is in. The tree will be trimmed efficiently to maintain an even balance and safe condition.

    All trimmed limbs and branches will be lowered using the latest tree surgery techniques to ensure it is lowered safely. This may also involve using lowering ropes and or slings where necessary.

    When cutting the branch collar, we always adhere to the guidelines set out in the BS3998 (British Standards) very strictly. This will ensure the tree remains healthy and balanced whilst maintaining the desired overall shape of the tree.

  • Tree Pruning Services

    There are various types of pruning that can be done. These are mentioned below:

  • Tree Crown Cleaning

    Tree Crown Cleaning involves the removal of dead and dying wood; stumps of broken or poorly cut branches, etc. It can also include the removal of unwanted climbing plants such as ivy or foreign objects such as wires.

  • Tree Crown Lifting

    We can remove the lower branches in order to raise the crown. This is a very useful when shading is a problem (the light can come in underneath the tree).

  • Tree Crown Thinning

    Sometimes the crown density needs to be reduced by removing some branches from the whole crown. While doing this, our tree surgeons will ensure that the overall shape and size of the tree is maintained. This type of work is necessary if structural weaknesses are identified in the stem or major branches so as to avoid potential damages in the event of strong winds.

  • Tree Crown Reduction and Reshaping

    A tree sometimes need to be trimmed or reduced in size without spoiling the shape of the tree. This job is a very skilled and technical work which involves“drop-crotching”, a type of tree pruning. Again, this type of work is necessary if the tree is obstructing or damaging properties.

  • If you require any of our tree surgery services, simply use the quick quote from on the below or alternately you can call us on 0208 485 8463.