• Tree Removal

  • With over 27 years’ experience in tree surgery, Pinewood Tree and Landscapes is the best tree removal company in London. We offer the best services at a very low cost.

    Our highly trained and qualified tree surgeons possess all of the skills and expertise needed to remove all kind of trees regardless of their location. We will remove them safely and efficiently. 

    We utilise a wide range of different equipment, allowing us to remove trees in a hassle-free and professional manner.

  • Sectioning/Sectional Tree Felling

    Tree Sectioning or section felling is the process of dismantling trees in tight situation where space is limited or high value properties are beneath the tree. We are able to deal with these kind of jobs because we have highly skilled staff who know how to carry out these kind of operations.

    When dismantling trees, there can be no room for small errors because they can cause lots of damage which can be very costly. This is why you need expert tree surgeons who can navigate through tight spaces and have carried out section tree felling in very tight situations. At Pinewood Tree and Landscapes, we are able to do these kind of jobs with little fuss. 

  • Straight Tree Felling

    Straight felling is the process of cutting the tree from the base and then allowing it to fall to the ground using up to date rigging techniques to ensure that no damage is caused to the surrounding area. This is another job that requires special skill set which we are able to offer.

    Our tree surgeons plan the whole process very carefully and carry out the job using the correct working techniques and modern equipment with functioning safety features.

  • If you require any of our tree surgery services, simply use the quick quote from on the below or alternately you can call us on 0208 485 8463.