• Brush Chipping

  • Brush chipping is an excellent way of dealing with debris removal when you cut or remove trees since burning them is not allowed. Brush chipping is the alternative way to reduce a large amount of debris. We offer a swift and professional brush chipping service whereby brushes or tree limbs are collected and removed promptly.

    Sometimes, we can turn larger tree sections into firewood upon request and left on site for clients. Alternatively, the woodchips can be composted or put to use elsewhere.

  • We can chip a lot of brush in one hour

    In a very reasonable amount of time, our tree surgeons can turn those bushes, brush and branches into small wood chips for you and remove them from your property.

  • If you require any of our tree surgery services, simply use the quick quote from on the below or alternately you can call us on 0208 485 8463.